Basket Beauties


Grow Your Own Tomatoes, Peppers, Chillies & Strawberries

Vegetables grown outside your back door

Vegetables grown outside your back door

Strawberries right outside your door. Basket Beauties – A selection of vegetables and fruit that grow well in restricted containers like hanging baskets and window boxes, ideal for grow your own and ideal for small space gardening.

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Basket Beauties - Fresh Vegetables of Chillies, Tomatoes, Peppers & Strawberries just outside your door

Basket Beauties – Fresh Chillies, Strawberries, Peppers & Tomatoes just outside your door

Vegetables and fruit suitable for basket or container growing

Basket Beauties – A selection of species that have been developed to perform in restricted containers. Tomato – Tumbling Tom Red, Chilli Pepper – Basket of Fire, Strawberry – Temptation & Sweet Pepper – Sweet Sunshine.

There’s nothing more satisfying than growing and picking your own fruit and vegetables at home. With my grow your own Basket Beauties starter kit, this has never been easier. Suitable for rural or urban gardens this grow your own kit has the highest quality products to allow for the best start. All material is bio-degradable or recyclable and is sourced from within the UK, with the seed coming from UK-DEFRA registered seed merchants.

Each kit can contains all the materials needed to get started, 4 packets of seed, each species selected for its specific environment and will contain 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) seeds depending on type, 8 fibre pots, 8 grow pellets, 8 labels, 500mls peat free compost, 1 dibber and easy to follow growing instructions.

Priced @ £9.50 Including P&P

Basket Beauties – a selection of vegetables suitable for growing in hanging baskets, containers or pots, ideal for grow your own even with limited space, like hanging outside back doors, balconies or fence lines

Vegetable descriptions:

Tomato – Tumbling Tom – A truly trailing tomato!

A tomato that combines a habit that makes it perfect for growing in hanging baskets, with a taste that is simply the best! The cherry-sized orange/red fruit are produced in profusion throughout summer. Also ideal for growing in patio containers.

This is a bush variety – very easy to grow as trusses do not require support and fruits without side shoots being removed, making very easy to maintain.

Sweet Pepper – Sweet Sunshine – A unique trailing sweet pepper!

A revolutionary sweet pepper bred for hanging baskets or containers. The vigorous, easy-to-grow plants can produce 200-300 small, tasty pointed, orangey-yellow fruits, which are ready to harvest from mid July right through to first frosts. A truly ornamental edible!

Chilli Pepper – Basket of Fire – Prolific crops of hot, spicy fruits

A prolific-fruiting basket/container chilli which drips with hot little fruits on compact, leafy, semi-trailing plants. The fruits mature from deep purple through cream and orange to mature to a bright red. Basket of Fire’s unique habit makes it a perfect choice for hanging baskets and containers, and the plants have a good tolerance to cooler weather, which means they go on cropping well into the autumn.

Strawberry – Temptation – Ideal for Hanging baskets, pots and containers

A delicious ‘traditional’ strawberry with medium sized fruit. Strawberry Temptation is an everbearing variety that will produce a steady supply of bright red fruit throughout the growing season. It produces medium sized fruit on a very well presented plant that is suited to hanging baskets. pots and containers. can also be grown in open ground production. Easily grown, prolific and delicious. when ripe harvest and just add cream for a mouth-watering summer dessert!

This English bred strawberry is ideally suited to our somewhat indifferent summers. Feed with liquid tomato fertiliser when thay begin to flower and as the fruit develop.

Despatched within 3 days

Packed under DEFRA-FERA License 7492

Packed Year End – June 2018

Sow by July 2019


Disclaimer: This pack contains viable seed, the seed can die before or after germination due to the varying nature of the conditions that the seed maybe stored and grown in once received. Gifts You Grow can not accept any liability in relation to any non-performance of the seed or peat disc and pot. Occasionally, due to the nature and availability of the seed, it may be necessary to substitute certain seed varieties with alternatives. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Please retain packaging for future reference.

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